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Small Ruminant Animal Husbandry Training

Small Ruminant Animal Husbandry Training


Shepherd’s Cross

16792 E 450 Road
Claremore, OK 74017 United States
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Small Ruminant Animal Husbandry Training

May 18, 2024
For those interested in returning to the basics of farming, small ruminants present a great option for sustainable living. Our small ruminant class is a great place to start learning how to be more self-sufficient and for homesteading. Learn how to care for small ruminants such as sheep, goats, alpacas, and llamas. Class includes instruction, handouts, videos, tutorials, and hands on experience. The primary instructor for the class is Dr. Diane Dickinson, a licensed veterinarian and an agriculturalist, with over 40 years of livestock and farming experience. Her unique perspective of animal husbandry care includes that of a producer, a veterinarian, and a small flock & herd owner. She also shares her experiences in global agriculture, Biblical agriculture, sustainable living, natural production, agritourism and niche markets. The Dickinsons have owned and operated Shepherd’s Cross, a working sheep farm, for over 30 years. Their livestock include sheep, cattle, alpacas, llamas, donkeys, horses & poultry. Their farm is Animal Welfare Approved with their livestock pasture raised and pasture fed. Class Topics Include Vaccinations Feet Trimming Tail docking Bloodless castration Managing pasture & Feeding Parasites & Worms Practical profitable flock herd health for working shepherds FAMACHA Sheep, goats, alpacas & others Lambing & birthing Neonatal care – lambs, kids & others Tubing Wool management AWA Shearing Classes are limited to 20 participants and fill quickly. Beverages are provided at breaks. Bring your lunch. Cost is $99.00 per person, $179.00 for 2 family members, or $259.00 for 3 or more family members (age 16 & over). During these troubled times, small flocks provide stability for our families, communities, and the nation. Sheep starter flocks are available locally at Shepherd’s Cross.
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