Tulsa Kayak's Bassathon - Visit Claremore
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Tulsa Kayak’s Bassathon

Tulsa Kayak’s Bassathon


Claremore Lake

East Blue Starr Drive
Claremore, Oklahoma 74017
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Tulsa Kayak’s Bassathon

May 28, 2024

Tulsa Kayak is proud to present weekly Kayak fishing club event. We will hold a small jackpot like tournament every week for encouragement for people to come but entering the jackpot is not required. Club has no dues. Anglers of all skill levels welcome.

2024 Tulsa Kayak’s Bass A Thon Rules:
All events start @ 6PM and end at the announce lines out time.
They are jackpot events with a $20 entry fee. 75% of the pot goes to first place, 25% goes to Big Bass.
Events with at least 20 anglers will also pay $50 to 2nd place.
Rules for the events are pretty simple as this is intended to be an entry level competition for kayak anglers.
For more information and Rules please visit TKB on: (7) Facebook
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